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The European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) is a Regional Metrology Organization (RMO) of Europe. It coordinates the cooperation of National Metrology Institutes (NMI) of Europe in fields like research in metrology, traceability of measurements to the SI units, international recognition of national measurement standards and related Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMC) of its members. Through Knowledge Transfer and cooperation among its members, EURAMET facilitates the development of the national metrology infrastructures and standards..
EURAMET is responsible for the execution of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) which is designed to encourage collaboration between European National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and partners in industry or academia. The program funds joint research projects in specific fields of metrology with over 50 projects selected for funding so far and many more expected over the coming years.

As a Designated Institute, MBW Calibration is an associate of EURAMET and is allowed to participate in activities of EURAMET including the following two committees:

TC-T Technical Committee for Thermometry


The Technical Committee of Thermometry is concerned with all issues of measurement of
  • Temperature,
  • Humidity and moisture
  • Thermophysical quantities of materials
  • As well as with scales, standards and reference materials necessary for metrology in these fields
Temperature is one of the most frequently measured physical quantities in science and industry. That implies that precise knowledge of temperature and related quantities is fundamentally important for the development of new and more efficient production techniques saving energy and other resources and reducing waste and for control of societal problems of environment, climate and security.

TC-Q Technical Committee for Quality


The Technical Committee for Quality (TC-Q) is the EURAMET operational instrument to share and develop knowledge on ISO/IEC 17025 and on its implementation in the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs).

It has no formal auditing or judgement authority, but by asking how an NMI’s QS is implemented, and by offering feedback on best practice, this TC has become the EURAMET way of doing QS review by peers. TC-Q was established by the EUROMET General Assembly in May 2005, in continuation of the activities of the previous EUROMET Quality System Forum (QS-Forum).