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As our company name suggests, calibration is at the core of what we do. Our chilled mirror dew point mirrors are typically used for the calibration of the relative humidity and dew point sensors that are so widely applied in today’s commercial applications. We are proud to supply almost every humidity instrument manufacturer with the high-performance transfer standards they need in their own production and calibration departments.

Internally at MBW, we run multiple calibration systems, in production, development and test scenarios.  All equipment used is at least traceable to our own SCS17025 calibration laboratory, and additionally to external calibration bodies. We frequently participate in bi-lateral comparisons, and we have provided the equipment for most of International Key Comparisons over the last 15 years.

Our factory calibration service is applied to every instrument we produce to provide a verification of performance specifications.  This service is also available for routine maintenance and calibration requirements.

Our SCS accredited 17025 calibration service meets the most stringent requirements of quality systems, accredited calibration and validation schemes.  Our 17025 calibration uncertainties are comparable with the best laboratories within the International Metrology community.