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Consulting Services


It is often the case that you need something to solve a problem or need, but despite the availability on the internet almost every piece of information, you can’t find what you are looking for.  This is especially the case with humidity measurement thanks to its huge application diversity and increasing implementation.  It could also be the case that you simply want to find a way to improve your measurement or calibration capability or test a product in a new way.

This is where MBW’s consulting services can be invaluable.  Our senior staff have too many years of experience not to have the answer.  We provide consultancy services to anyone who needs answers or solutions within the humidity field.

We know the humidity market in great depth and have direct experience with almost every type of measurement instrument or humidity generator, both in terms of performance and application.  Of course, the optimum solution to your problem may not be equipment that we provide, but we have the experience and integrity to guide you to the best solution or solutions.