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Gecko R2 Software


Gecko R2 is MBW in-house developed software for use with all MBW products and Thunder humidity generators.  It enables users to visualize measurement data numerically and graphically, with configurable channels, scaling and statistical analysis. It includes automated data acquisition. Whenever an instrument is connected, all possible measurement variables are automatically recorded to a log file including serial numbers and time-date information.

An included feature is the ability to define set points for humidity and temperature so that compatible humidity generators or temperature equipment can be programmed to run automatic calibration profiles.  This means that engineers are able to fully automate calibration with set point control and automatic date acquisition.  Data files are produced that show both the generated value and the measured value from the transfer standard hygrometer or thermometer.

  • Third party instruments with RS-232/USB interfaces can also integrate into the software. This means that users can also capture data from instruments under test.
  • Gecko R2 requires Windows 7 or later; XP and Vista are not supported. Older versions are available that may run with limited functionality on older operating systems, please contact the MBW support team if this is needed.
  • The latest version is available for download here or at the URL in the footer of this page.
  • After download, extract the contents to a Gecko R2 folder in the location of your choice. Create a shortcut to GeckoR2.exe, then paste the shortcut to your desktop and if required drag to your toolbar.
  • The new REST API feature allows third party application to communicate with the Gecko software.

Supported commands:

  • List of the connected instruments
  • Get/Set parameter values

Supported formats:

  • JSON
  • XML

MBW Gecko R2 Software

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