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473-RP2 Dew Point Mirror


The 473-RP2 is a probe type dew point mirror that is suitable for insertion in to test chambers or environments with moving air.

It is particularly well suited for use in relative humidity generators where it functions as a calibration transfer standard for dew/frost point, relative humidity and temperature.  The 473 can be used to calibrate the RH generator (e.g. before and after on-site tests) or act as the reference during the calibration of RH probes.

The 473-RP2 includes precise measurement of temperature with a 3 x 40mm platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) that can be mounted directly to the RP2 measuring head. Using a cable supplied as standard, the PRT can also be mounted on to instrument under test (IUT) in RH calibration scenarios.  This ensures that the temperature used to calculate RH is correct by minimizing the effects of temperature gradients or self-heating of the IUT.


  • Probe type dew point mirror hygrometer
  • Cable mounted
  • Integrated temperature probe
  • User replaceable optical components
  • Easy mirror access for cleaning

Key Specifications

Measuring Ranges:
Frost/Dew Point -20…+70 °C
Relative humidity 5…99 %rh *
Temperature -50…+100 °C **

Frost/Dew point ≤ ± 0.15 °C
Temperature ≤ ± 0.07 °C

Frost/Dew point ≤ ± 0.05 °C
Temperature ≤ ± 0.03 °C


* Please note the operating conditions: The measuring head as well as the connectors must be operated under non-condensing conditions.

** The maximum temperature of the RP2 measuring head is 80 °C, so to measure temperature up to 100 °C requires the temperature probe to be cable mounted.

Typical Applications


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