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T12 Thermometer

The T12 Thermometer is a precise and stable platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) multi-channel temperature measurement system. Using a custom designed high quality measurement circuit, 24 bit analog to digital converters and multiplexor sampling; the T12 provides 12 channels of precise temperature data for validation and calibration engineers.

T12 repeatedly scans all 12 channels and the low and high range internal reference resistors, with user configurable excitation current. Employing a full reversal current source, the T12 eliminates polarity sensitive errors inherent in DC measuring techniques.

The GeckoR2 software supplied allows each channel to be individually configured with ITS-90 or Callendar-Van Dusen coefficients for direct conversion of resistance to temperature. The T12 connects to a PC through an RS-232 Interface. An RS232 to USB converter is included.

There are four versions available, the T12, T12-S, T12-SE and the T12-E.  The new ‘S’ versions feature Smart Connectors that are configured using GeckoR2 with coefficients and calibration corrections, probe position and unique identifiers.

A typical application of the T12 is the validation of temperature uniformity in climatic chambers, incubators, ovens and humidity generators.  In combination with dew point measurement data from an MBW dew point mirror, the T12 can also be used to determine relative humidity uniformity directly within GeckoR2 software. This means that development, validation and calibration engineers can directly assess performance and observe the effects of changes in system settings in real time.


  • Twelve channel temperature measurement
  • Integrated scanner
  • High precision, stability and repeatability
  • Negligible temperature coefficient
  • Internal reference resistors
  • PC software for system control and data acquisition
  • Simple to configure and use

Key Specifications


  • Temperature measuring range: -200…246 °C
  • Resistance: 1…194 Ω
  • Accuracy (@ 23 °C): ≤ ± 5 mK
  • Resolution 0.12 mK


  • Temperature measuring range: -200…246 °C
  • Resistance: 1…194 Ω
  • Accuracy (@ 23 °C): ≤ ± 20 mK
  • Resolution 0.12 mK


  • Temperature measuring range: -200…800 °C
  • Resistance: 1…380 Ω
  • Accuracy (@ 23 °C): ≤ ± 2 mK
  • Resolution 0.12 mK


  • Temperature measuring range: -200…800 °C
  • Resistance: 1…380 Ω
  • Accuracy (@ 23 °C): ≤ ± 20 mK
  • Resolution 0.12 mK

Typical Applications

  • Climatic Chamber Validation
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Calibration Systems
  • Energy performance testing

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