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SCS Calibration Laboratory

MBW is a by the Swiss Accreditation Service ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory (SCS 0125) for humidity and temperature calibration. The uncertainties of our calibration are amongst the lowest available, and we provide fast turnaround times for the calibration of any type of hygrometer or thermometer.

Our laboratory in Switzerland has calibration systems based on both primary realizations and commercial humidity generators for calibration by comparison. Transfer standards are MBW373 dew point mirrors, SPRT’s and a triple point cell.  Our frost/dew point transfer standards are calibrated at a number of National Metrology/Designated Institutes including PTB, NPL, BEV and NIST. Through the ILAC mutual recognition structures, our calibration certificates are accepted and traceable worldwide.

Full MBW Calibration Accreditation Scope


In order to make the process for calibration and service requests more efficient, we kindly ask you for questions regarding …

  • For pricing, quotations, transport, deadlines and any other administrative issues to send us an e-mail to sales@mbw.ch.
  • For repairs, technical support, troubleshooting and any other technical issues to send us an e-mail to service@mbw.ch.
  • For inquiries about existing devices, the add the below to the subject line allows us to process the e-mail as quickly as possible:
      • Device Type | Serial Number | Company Name | Short description of the issue


473-SH2 | 08-0803 | John Smith Inc. | Arrange appointment for accredited calibration